Thai Foot Reflexology

What is Thai Foot Reflexology?

In Thai Foot Reflexology, both Thai Massage and Foot Reflexology are combined to offer the client a unique experience that benefits their health. It is a safe, non-invasive holistic modality that can be very enjoyable and is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit.

Benefits of Thai Foot Reflexology

In Thai Foot Reflexology, intermittent pressure is applied to the reflex zones in the feet, creating a physiological change in the corresponding areas of the body. A session will directly stimulate 61 reflex zones in the feet, which helps to reduce stress and tension, improve lymph and blood circulation, optimize body functions and assists in supporting the body’s natural healing processes.

What will happen during the Thai Reflexology session?

This is a 75 minute service with short intake and blissful combination of foot and calf massage and foot reflexology on both feet using a wooden tool. Treatment will include refreshing foot and leg scrub, hot towel wipe down and hot towel wrap.

Any health concerns, allergies or sensitivities, must be mentioned to therapist to tailor treatment to your health needs.

Please note that if feet have any infectious conditions or open lesions, I will be unable to provide the service for hygiene and safety. I will be happy to reschedule when feet are healed.

What are some circumstances in which Thai Foot Reflexology is Contraindicated?

The following are conditions or circumstances in which we would refrain from administering TFR for the safety and health of the client:

  • inflammation or muscle injury
  • bone fracture or joint inflammation
  • severe ache and pain
  • fever from any causes
  • acute, non-severe illnesses (eg. cold, flu, sore throat, diarrhea)
  • severe headache (mild headache may be approached with less pressure)
  • post-surgery
  • high blood pressure
  • stroke with chronic condition
  • vascular conditions
  • ill health such as non-severe heart conditions, diabetes, stroke, chronic illness
  • cancer (can be approached with caution and standards of Massage Therapy)
  • edema
  • varicose veins (enlarged)
  • contagious skin disease (eg. Athletes Foot)
  • pregnant women
  • intestinal conditions
  • drug and/or alcohol intoxication
  • full or empty stomach

Please contact me if you’d like more details on any of these conditions in their context of why we’d use caution or avoid applying TFR completely. In most cases, massaging the reflex points may stimulate certain organs or processes in a body with these circumstances.

What are some precautions?

Thai Foot Reflexology should not be received within 1-hour after a meal. For those suffering from severe heart or kidney conditions, or diabetes, TFR should not be received for more than 10 minutes. In the case of clients with heart or liver conditions or high blood pressure, clients are strongly encouraged to continue taking the medicine prescribed by their doctor. Reflexology is an excellent way to support one’s health, however, it should never be used to replace medicine prescribed by your doctor. TFR is contraindicated for pregnant women and those who have a fever. Light pressure can be used during the menstrual cycle.

What are some reactions?

Certain reactions may be experienced after a TFR session, but they are only temporary:

  • slightly swollen feet – especially for clients with lymphatic problems
  • varicose veins may become more apparent – this indicates that blood circulation has improved

Is Thai Foot Reflexology covered by my insurance provider?

Please note that each insurance policy is different and cover different services, this service may not be covered under you plan, so please check before booking, as I cannot direct bill for this service.

Do I need to bring anything to my session?

The treatment addresses your knees to your toes, so if you’d like to bring a pair of shorts or wear very loose-fitting pants (that can be rolled up without creating a tight band around your thighs), then you may do so. I will provide you with a blanket to cover your upper thighs, abdomen and torso.



Taken from Banyan Thai Massage School