Just addressing some common questions. Please feel free to contact me if your question is not answered here.

What should I bring to my first massage appointment?

If you are from Nova Scotia and have extended health insurance coverage, please bring your insurance card and your doctor’s note (if you already know your policy requires a doctor’s note for massage – otherwise, we’ll find out when I try to do the billing).

Also if you haven’t completed an Intake Form , you have the option of filling it out and sending it back to me before your appointment, or come early to fill one out. When booking online, you should have received a link to this form.

What kind of oil/gel will be used?

I use fractionated coconut oil or hypoallergenic massage lotion for my massage treatments.

Sometimes during or at the end of treatment, I may apply a few drops of Japanese Mint Oil or Biofreeze to the areas I have worked – depending on the nature of our treatment that day.

Will there be scented oil?

I like to incorporate aromatherapy into some of my treatments, if my clients request it or are looking for specific concerns (like stress) to be addressed during the treatment. I have taken the 5-week aromatherapy workshop at Casaroma Wellness at Alderney Landing, Dartmouth, so I have been trained in basic aromatherapy (safeties, blending for specific purposes and contraindications). We can discuss which oils and oil blends I have available at the time of treatment. Generally, I have oils for stress relief, grounding, uplifting, confidence, immune boosting available. 

Is there a no-show or cancellation policy?

Yes. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours of appointment time are subject to a cancellation fee of $50.00. Missed appointments (no-shows) or appointments cancelled within 6 hours of service time, are subject to the full price of the of appointment service fee. My booking software sends you a 48 hour email reminder and 24 hour text message reminder of your upcoming appointment. If you are unable to make it, please contact me right away to cancel or reschedule. Extenuating circumstances will be considered at my discretion.

What kind of pressure will I use during the treatment?

I can use a varied amount of pressure and techniques, depending on your personal preference and pain tolerance. I will communicate throughout the treatment to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe. I will work within your pain tolerance – most important thing is that you are comfortable – and breathe!

What if I just want a relaxation treatment?

At the beginning of each treatment, we will discuss what your needs are that day, and we will create a treatment plan according to your needs. Please let me know so I can adjust our time accordingly to provide the best treatment possible. 

Do you work on the face, scalp, hands, feet?

Of course! I absolutely love working on these areas! If you enjoy a good head (face/scalp) massage or need focus to your hands/feet, please let me know so I can adjust my time accordingly to give more time to those areas. Often these areas can be the areas that hold the most amount of tension (for a lot of people), and they don’t always get enough massage time as they need – so please let me know!

Is there parking available nearby?

Yes. There is 1 and 2 hour street parking available on Harvard and Yale streets, as well a three designated parking spots in the side lot of the building. To avoid being ticketed or towed, please ONLY use the 3 reserved spots for the Harvard Street Healing Arts Centre. Thank you!

Is it ok to eat before a massage?

It’s preferable not to eat 30-60 minutes prior to your massage appointment as your body needs some time to digest food and you don’t want to be uncomfortable on the table (especially if we are working with you lying face down!)

However – DO drink some water before your massage – this will help hydrate your muscle and connective tissues, which will maximize the benefits of the treatment.

Is it ok to go to the gym/yoga class or do strenuous physical activity before or after a massage?

A yoga class or gentle activity before your massage can warm up your muscle and connective tissues, preparing them to be worked.

Strenuous activity or going to the gym post-massage, isn’t recommended (unless we’ve had a sports/warm-up massage treatment). Normally, your muscles are in a more relaxed (loose) condition post-massage and “tired” (energy is required for the body to process the toxins/wastes that a removed during the massage) – like if you worked out – your body needs that rest period post work-out – same with massage. Your body needs a restorative period. If you absolutely must go to the gym post massage, it is recommended not to exercise the areas worked during the massage, or to ensure you are warmed up and do a proper cool-down, as well as stay hydrated and “listen to your body” throughout the work-out, so as not to pass a point where you could overwork your muscles, body energy or incur an injury.

Please reach out if you have specific concerns. 

Why do you recommend that I drink lots of water post-massage?

It is REALLY important to hydrate after receiving a massage – especially, if we’ve done some serious work on tight muscles or knots! Even a relaxation massage increases circulation and moves fluid around the body.  Increased blood circulation from the massage picks up toxins and wastes from the muscles – so it needs to leave your body! Additionally, you body needs the hydration to restore post-massage. Please drink water and stay hydrated for the 24 hours following your massage.