Welcome to The Hummingbird Portal

19025077_10101116794422769_6651558943232654535_oI am Audrey.

I am an adventurer / dancer / healer / lover of the Earth / student and lover of life.

I share this blog to share my story. My life journey and dance story – and because I enjoy writing.

We are all unique, living life in the best ways we know how. We are fragile, beautiful beings, with dynamic lives.

My intention with massage therapy has always been to facilitate individuals on their health journeys. I suffered a lot with my mom being terminally ill – she suffered, but our family also suffered, as her family, as her caregivers…and the ones who are left behind once she was gone. Since losing her, I have been inspired to focus my energy on helping others with their self-awareness and self-care with a holistic, preventative approach.

I hope to provide some self-care advice or food-for-thought through my life and dance stories. Every day I am learning more about life and myself. I have had many guides and supportive people along my journey, and hope to be the same for others – after all, we are all teachers and students for each other.

My goal is to fuse my experiences in massage therapy and dance to express how for me, they have been what keep my soul dancing through life, and inspire me to share my skills, always continue to learn, explore and grow.


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